We are working from Home #StayAtHome


The entire world is facing a big challenge right now. In this sense, to prevent the Corona virus from spreading, we decided to implement a set of procedures to be followed by our employees. Which we opted to share with you, as they can be followed by any company or even serve as tips to implement.

First, we all decided to go home and work remotely. As a digital agency we are fortunate enough to be able do it and that helps a lot in this situation. Our quarantine started on March 14th and is intended to last until April 6th, or at least we hope. These were the steps we took and what we are doing:

0. Prepare for a quarantine period and don’t panic!

Let everyone know how things are supposed to work, what are the processes, because it’s important to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.The essential at this point is to remain calm and realize that it is all about adaptation. Everything will be fine! 😉

1. Ensure your computer has access to a VPN

This is useful to access files on the server. It might seem something awkward, but it makes a big difference in “normalizing” the work. For this we use Wireguard.

2. Daily meeting in the morning

Our daily team meeting is at 9:30am sharp, as it used to be. We set a recurrent event on everyone’s calendar, which has a URL for a Google Meet session, so that everyone can easily get in. It’s important that everyone is there so that we can feel that we are starting the day together. 

3. Keep constant communication channels open

It’s important to keep a dynamic team and discuss ideas, brainstorm, ask questions or help one another. To communicate we use Slack, because it’s fast and easy.

4. Update the team during the day

For the whole team to be aware of all the project status, we do most of the updates inside the project management platform (Asana) and any additional information or idea can be shared through our team chat, using Slack.

During the day we do 3 formal updates:

– Morning: at 9:30am (sharp) we have a daily meeting with everyone using Google Meet.

– After lunch: All of us should make a quick status with our project managers via text or video. Let them know how our day is going and how far we are with our tasks.

– End of the day: As soon as we intend to log out, we inform the people we are working directly and leave a message on our #general Slack channel for everyone to know.

5. Keep everyone working at the same pace

Try using the same schedules as much as possible, to maintain the routine. It’s also important to have the same habits that you usually have, ensuring that all of us are working at the same time and focused on the same things. Besides starting at the same time we also try to have a lunch break together.

6. Mainly be as communicative as possible!

Communication is essential at this stage! A strong communication between the whole team is necessary, for all projects to be aligned and up to date. Video calls, sharing screens and chat messages are important to keep the communication flowing.

7. Have a routine in your quarantine!

Get up at the same time, have a shower, get dressed (walk the dog if you have to) and off to work. It’s very important to maintain the daily personal routine for you to be productive and motivated.

8. Mark your work territory at home

Define your workspace in a comfortable place with plenty of natural light, where you can work quietly and focused.

9. Turn off from the outside world and news (Ignore TV and Whatsapp memes during the day)

Try to stay focused on your tasks and turn off from the outside world. When the work is done you will have plenty of time to catch up on the events of the world and check your social media channels.

10. Stay at home, wash your hands and take care of yourself!

This one doesn’t need an explanation, it’s simple! #StaySafe from #Covid19 #StayAtHome 🙂

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