About us
About us
We aim for the stars!
Our mission is to empower brands, companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, by crafting incredible experiences with digital products.
Creative community, that's what we like.
We can develop your website or the amazing app you’ve been thinking about. We will design from print to digital, and create memorable branding. Together, we’ll provide you with great strategic value by working across multiple digital tools.
Being relevant is great.
Human and environmental values are on the base of our work and our everyday life at the office. We work to be relevant, promoting brands and their causes to create a positive impact on our society.
Have you met the Briefers?
We are a team of creative talented people that love what they do. Find out more about each one of us!
Diogo Silva
Co-founder | Creative Director

With a great enthusiasm for Agile methodology, Diogo is responsible for the continuous project management, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

No one can move a plant pot in the office without his knowledge, and yes, we have tested it!

Without his creative mind and perfectionist heart, nothing would be the same.

Robson Junior
Co-founder | Technical Director

For Robson, when there is a problem there is a solution, and “turning it off and on again” is never the answer.

His 26GB memory is as incredible as any processor, which makes him the best SSD-super-strong-developer we know.

Keep on smiling, Robson!

Cristiana Santos
Digital Designer

In Portugal, a team is never complete without a woman from the North, and Cristiana lives up to it.

As a Digital Designer, Cristiana strongly believes that the smallest details can make a greater difference. We believe that without her creative yet logical mind, we could not bring out the best digital looking content to our clients.

Go Cristiana!

Ruben Costa
Developer | Support

Focused in the development of well-being, Ruben is our Mindful Web Developer.

His tidiness and constant planning at work protect us from a lot of stress, giving our projects lots of positive energies.

Namasté Ruben!

Pedro Lopes
Mobile App Developer

Pedro is our computing geek and our greatest asset for developing hybrid applications for mobile and front end platforms.

In his spare time, Pedro takes a break from the tech world and immerses himself in nature.
He also enjoys traveling around the world. Once his feet land on the ground, he develops apps for personal use.

Pedro is a real fish out of the water!

Leonel Augusto
Full-Stack Developer

With a great knowledge in web development, both in front and back end, Leonel assures that all of the coding is in tip-top shape!

The one thing he can’t live without? Music. His earphones are his most prized possession, and he never leaves the house without them.

Drop the beat, Leonel!

Beatriz Salvada
Social Media Manager

Beatriz is our Social Media Manager! She is responsible for creating and managing online campaigns, not only for our clients but also for Brief’s Social Media outlets.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, read and surf the Internet, always on the lookout for the next trending meme.

Thumbs up, Beatriz!

Luís Silva
Full-Stack Developer

Luís is our adventurous programmer!

When he is not coding, Luís is thinking about his next touristic destination. Besides Europe, Luís has already been to China and Iran.

Where to next, Luís?

Fábio Sousa
Project Manager

Fábio is our Digital Warlock!

At Brief, he is responsible for managing all undergoing projects, developing digital strategies for upcoming clients and establishing relations with current ones.

Everything runs like clockwork with Fábio!

Andreia Carlos
Administration & HR

Andreia is our administration and human resources manager. She ensures the office’s well-being by developing Brief’s policies, and is also responsible for the recruitment and selection process.

The one thing she can’t live without is coffee! Andreia also loves to travel and outdoor activities.

Her motto: Smile every day!


Say hello to our mischievous monkey!

While working, almost by magic, this monkey appears and turns our office upside down. We never know what to expect from him next!

Monkey, you are bananas!

If you have what it takes to be a Briefer, please check our open positions.
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