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Online Advertising
Online Advertising
Online Advertising is one of the most efficient ways of reaching your target audience and potential customers. Online advertising is effective because depending on your company’s goals, you will be able to reach your audience when they are most likely to buy your products or services. And do all this while having total control of your spending.
We develop several types of campaigns: social media ads, google display and google search ads. We analyze your business, campaigns, keywords and develop the best type of campaign to reach your business goals.
Our Process
1. Analysis and Research
Our team of specialists, will make a thorough research of your brand, analyze your business goals and target audience. This data will be very important to develop a campaign strategy that reaches your business goals.
2. Advertising Strategy
After analyzing all the gathered information, we will plan the campaign setup, produce the necessary content, and target your audience. In order to drive traffic and generate leads we will build landing pages, if necessary.
3. Setup
In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the campaigns, we will optimize your advertising accounts and then create all the campaigns, improve targeting settings and optimize all the relevant keywords.
4. Reporting and Daily Optimization
On a regular basis, we will report the campaign's results to you. We measure the results, optimize the campaigns on a daily basis and repeat the process.
Tools and Platforms
With Litmus we trust that all our newsletter campaigns are well delivered and we still have a set of good statistics to analyze.
Google Tag Manager helps us to keep track of our campaigns, measuring online campaign conversions.
With Google Ads when we want to reach specific audiences on Google, this is the way to go! Allow us to create online ads on multiple channels across the web.
With Google Analytics we want to make sure we keep track of all the data of multiple marketing sources.
We use Facebook Ads to create social media advertising campaigns, reaching personalized audiences that are on social media channels.
Hotjar allows us to know the "hot spots" of websites to improve performance and increase the conversion rate.


Every successful project starts with a great… 1.BRIEFING How, when, why? Strategize. 3.PLANNING From concept to creation, to wow you. 4.DESIGN Agile! Sprint cycles with multiple deliverables. 5.DEVELOPMENT Do it once, do it again. Do it perfect. 6.TESTS Anticipate and minimize problems. Learn and optimize. 7.MONITORING Brainstorm, dig deep, investigate and validate. 2.RESEARCH