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About us
About us
We aim for the stars!
Our mission is to empower brands, companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals, by crafting incredible experiences with digital products.
Creative community, that's what we like.
We can develop your website or the amazing app you’ve been thinking about. We will design from print to digital, and create memorable branding. Together, we’ll provide you with great strategic value by working across multiple digital tools.
Being relevant is great.
Human and environmental values are on the base of our work and our everyday life at the office. We work to be relevant, promoting brands and their causes to create a positive impact on our society.
Have you met the Briefers?
We are a team of creative talented people that love what they do. Find out more about each one of us!
Co-founder | Creative Director

With a great enthusiasm for Agile methodology, Diogo is responsible for the continuous project management, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

No one can move a plant pot in the office without his knowledge, and yes, we have tested it!

Without his creative mind and perfectionist heart, nothing would be the same.

Co-founder | Technical Director

For Robson, when there is a problem there is a solution, and “turning it off and on again” is never the answer.

His 26GB memory is as incredible as any processor, which makes him the best SSD-super-strong-developer we know.

Keep on smiling, Robson!

Project Manager

Concentration level 10!!
Eduardo’s job is to ensure the client’s needs are met while also making sure that the project is progressing in the right direction.
His favorite hobby….?
Making dad jokes!

Full-Stack Developer

With a great knowledge in web development, both in front and back end, Leonel assures that all of the coding is in tip-top shape!

The one thing he can’t live without? Music. His earphones are his most prized possession, and he never leaves the house without them.

Drop the beat, Leonel!

FrontEnd Developer

João, our web and app developer, safely gearing up for his next project.

UX/UI Designer

Joana is our Reiki Healer!

We can always count with her good vibs in our office. All the energy flows through her hands into her work, creating pure and balanced final art works.

She makes the best out of the West side beaches and never misses Torres Vedras Carnival.


Full-stack developer

Roll out the red carpet, cause Guilherme is here!

Guitarist in his spare time, our full-stack developer is a specialist making brigadeiro.

From Brazil straight to Portugal, he quickly got used to our jokes, and now he‘s kicking our ass off.

Between building websites and apps?
He joined the Brief wine club ?

Digital Designer

Mariana is our digital designer and the funniest person in the office. There’s always a joke to be made!

Creative and always coming up with original ideas, Mariana never misses an opportunity to record a TikTok. Reading more is one of her top goals for 2023 and we checked it out… In fact, she has a desk full of books!

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

Margarida is here! We can always tell when she is coming into the office because the heels of her boots do not allow her to be silent.

She is always focused and busy, no goal is too difficult for her to achieve. We can always count on her creative copywriting and social media advice.

Performance Manager

Arménio is the king of data! Ask him questions about numbers and performance, he knows everything!

From Porto to Lisbon, Arménio changes Francesinha for Pastéis de Belém every week.

UX/UI Designer

Débora is our latest UX/UI designer. She is a true expert in delving into users’ minds and creating solutions that provide a unique experience. She knows that every detail matters and works tirelessly to make every interaction seamless, intuitive and memorable.

In addition to her mastery of UX/UI, Débora brings a unique touch to her projects with her love for graphic design and illustration. Her original and creative approach adds a stunning visual element to each creation.


Copywriter & Social Media Manager

Marisa is a northern woman, focused and determined! Organized and methodical, she always has a positive critical approach to improving our work.

She came from Porto to the south side with her loyal four-legged best friend.


Say hello to our mischievous monkey!

While working, almost by magic, this monkey appears and turns our office upside down. We never know what to expect from him next!

Monkey, you are bananas!

If you have what it takes to be a Briefer, please check our open positions.