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Website Development
Website Development
No matter the size of your business, a website can promote your brand among customers and prospects, delivering strong marketing messages that will translate into business success. Using the most recent technology, our team of digital specialists can create a responsive website for your business.
Our vast experience includes the development of institutional and corporate websites, landing pages, e-commerce solutions and CMS (WordPress, Shopify & Squarespace).
Our Process
1. Research and Analysis
The first step to develop a successful website is to define the desired goals of the brand and understand your target audience, always having that in mind throughout the project.
2. Sitemap and Wireframes
Our team creates the sitemap and wireframes, ensuring that we’ve considered all the website key pages, defining how the site's navigation should be structured. The wireframes show a detailed view of the content that will be on each page. This way, we analyze the objectives and function of every element.
3. Design
Here we develop the usability and design of the website. We create all the visual content, considering the brand guidelines of your business and connecting the website with all forms of business communications.
4. Content and Assembly
Here it is necessary to develop the SEO strategy, making the website more likely to draw traffic and guaranteeing that the major search engines access your content. Our team puts in writing the very essence of what you’d like to communicate to the audience.
5. Coding
At this stage we create the website pages according to the sitemap and implement the frameworks and CMS.
Debugging, Cross-browser testing and Code Reviews are internal processes we have implemented to ensure the code’s quality both in performance and reliability. We test every line of code we write with automated tools and manually through a specific workflow in GIT (our code versioning software) and Bitbucket - an online GIT repository where our developers improve our code base every day.
6. Testing and Launch
Our code only makes it into the production environment after passing all our internal tests which helps in preventing future issues. We make several tests to ensure the website will run properly on your user’s devices and in several browsers. After a final test, the website is launched.
7. Optimization
To ensure that everything works fine, we regularly monitor the website and server resources, suggest updates, security patches and CMS updates.
Tools and Platforms
The use of Google Marketing Platform is essential to analyze all metrics and constantly optimize the objectives to be achieved on each website.
WordPress is a powerful tool that allows us to develop websites and apps! It’s flexible, serving as a starting point for the back-end and has the back-office ready to customize the operation.
React it’s our preferred framework to develop the app’s code, the same code works on android and IOS keeping the native performance.
Visual Studio Code it's our preferred code editor, it's open-source and offers a lot of customization through plugins.
With Docker we create the virtual machines that run our Node scripts, ensuring that the environment of our sites and applications is always consistent
We use Node.js to create build-systems, optimize code, and deploy


Every successful project starts with a great… 1.BRIEFING How, when, why? Strategize. 3.PLANNING From concept to creation, to wow you. 4.DESIGN Agile! Sprint cycles with multiple deliverables. 5.DEVELOPMENT Do it once, do it again. Do it perfect. 6.TESTS Anticipate and minimize problems. Learn and optimize. 7.MONITORING Brainstorm, dig deep, investigate and validate. 2.RESEARCH