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Usability and design
Usability and design
UX design aims to provide a great experience to the audience that visits your website or mobile applications, keeping them loyal to your brand. It allows the companies to align business goals with customer goals, translating into business success and revenue.
Our specialized team can find a solution for brands needing a responsive web design, mobile applications, corporate and commercial websites.
Our Process
1. Research and Analysis
Our team collects and organizes all the data available about your brand, it’s goals and audience. With that data, we understand the user behavior flows and create a site map.
2. Wireframes
Our team of specialists develop content architecture and proceed to analyze website elements and their features. We build the Wireframe in Sketch program, execute the navigation tests and collect feedback to improve the experience.
3. Create prototypes in Invision
At this stage, our development team creates prototypes in Invision, a digital product design platform that allows us to test our wireframe in an interactive prototype.
We load the project and get a feel of what the finished product will look like. These prototypes can be used to run internal tests and gather feedback from real external users by running controlled test sessions with them.
4. Interface Design
Our team incorporates the brand identity on the interface and designs the entire design system on atomic design methodology. This methodology allows us to create scalable systems, reusable components, design systems and faster prototyping and updating.
5. Implementation
After designing and redesigning until we design the best solution for your users, we implement the functionality and build the experience. We proceed to the usability test and finally launch.
Tools and Platforms
Figma is the prototyping tool we use to quickly and efficiently present and validate our projects, both for clients and internal collaboration
Adobe tools help us to express our creativity! We create materials for print, illustration, image editing and photography, production of animated content and video.
We love Sketch because it integrates all the tools of interface design among other materials to be used in digital.


Every successful project starts with a great… 1.BRIEFING How, when, why? Strategize. 3.PLANNING From concept to creation, to wow you. 4.DESIGN Agile! Sprint cycles with multiple deliverables. 5.DEVELOPMENT Do it once, do it again. Do it perfect. 6.TESTS Anticipate and minimize problems. Learn and optimize. 7.MONITORING Brainstorm, dig deep, investigate and validate. 2.RESEARCH