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Why invest on SEO? Top 5 advantages for your website


What is the first thing you do when you need a product or a service? Our guess is that you search the best place to find what you need, probably on Google.

According to HubSpot, Google processes 70,000 search queries per second, 5.8 billion searches per day, and 2 trillion global searches per year. That’s a lot of people searching for what they need! So why is SEO important for your company? Simple: to improve your online visibility and reach consumers as they’re searching for information.

But what is SEO exactly?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, focuses on expanding business visibility on Search Engines. We work SEO on the most popular search engine: Google, helping companies rank higher in Google Result Pages. The result? It drives more visitors to your website, increasing the chances to convert a visitor to a customer.  

But in practical terms, what are the actual advantages of your website? Don’t worry, you don’t need to “google it”, we got you covered. Just take a look at the rest of the article:

Your target audience will find you easily 

Traditional advertising channels will reach all consumers, whether they are potential customers, or not. SEO makes it easier for your target audience to find you when they want information. It can be really negative for consumers to receive spam emails and interruptive ads only with your company’s goals in mind, and not theirs. 

SEO allows you to be focused on the consumer’s needs, creating helpful resources with valuable and easy to find information. It’s much more convenient for your company’s potential clients but also results in a more qualified lead for your business. 

SEO creates Brand Awareness 

Brand Awareness refers to how familiar your target audience is with your brand, do they know it? What do they know about it? To promote any product or service, or even your company’s values, you need to create brand awareness. 

SEO ensures that your company gets exposure and is easily found by your customers and potential customers on Google. If your company’s website appears on the top of the ranking, users will tend to click and engage with your website, if your brand is on the second page of search results, it’s much more difficult for users to even find it.

SEO leads to a Better User Experience

Providing your audience with quality and relevant content, with a structured SEO strategy and user-friendly pages, will improve their experience on your company’s website. This results in more clicks and higher conversion rates, giving search engines what they are looking for!

More Social Media Followers

If your website is on the first page of search engine sites, more people will know your company. When users start to navigate your website and explore all the relevant information about your products or services, they are likely to click on your social media icons and, if they’re interested, eventually follow you. But there is more to it! If you are on Google’s top search results, is more likely that people run into your website and can look for you on social media. 

SEO Takes You Ahead of the Competition

The digital world is constantly changing and staying ahead in the current ecosystem can be challenging. Once you include an effective digital strategy in your global business plan, integrating search engine optimization, great content, and presence in several digital communication channels, you’re on the right path. 

The truth is that your content can make or break your business, and it must include an SEO strategy! Why? If your target audience researches about something related to your business, you want to be the first one that stands out and not your competitors.

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