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The Rise of Social Media: 4 Benefits for Businesses


With nearly half of the world population using social media channels, it’s hard to find a brand that isn’t on social media.

So these platforms deserve your attention now more than ever. If you know the basics of social media, you know that it’s a way to engage with your target audience, but it can be difficult to measure your ROI from these platforms.

So at some point, you may ask yourself  “What are the benefits for my business?” 

The trued is that it may not immediately result in a flood of cash, or suddenly your brand becomes “viral”, but there’s a lot that social media marketing can do for your business.

What you may ask? We give 4 benefits, with statistics to prove it: 

Brand building

Social media channels are The Place where consumers share opinions and interact with brands. These channels can give a voice to your brand and showcase it’s products and services to the world. Consumers look online for suggestions or reviews about certain products or services, a well built social media page can give the credibility and presence your brand needs to attract potential customers. 

Let’s look at some facts: According to Instagram 2019 data, 60 percent of Instagram users discover new products on this platform and adding to that, Sprout Social Statistics prove that 74 percent of consumers share brand-related video content on social media. 

Increasing website traffic

Sharing valuable content from your website, or blog, to your social pages is a great way to drive traffic to your website. If your audience finds something on your social media channels that can be valuable or interesting for them, they will click it to know more about it and navigate on your website. 

According to Adobe State of Digital 2018, social media is a great place to obtain new customers. Statistics show that non-customers are 3 times more likely to increase traffic for brands. 

Content Gold Mine

Have you ever heard the expression “Content is king”? At this point, you’ve probably heard it. In order to optimize your social channels for business benefits, the first thing you need is a content strategy in place. Promoting your content on social channels it’s a great way to promote your services, products and proving your expertise. 

Just to give you an idea about the importance of posting the right content to increase your revenue, according to Instagram data, 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.

Besides that, these channels are also a great source of inspiration! You can research the latest content trends to grow your community, understand what your target audience wants and what your competitors are doing. 

Better customer service

Happy customers are your biggest advocates, they can be more powerful than a sales team.

Almost half of all consumers have used these platforms to ask questions and give their opinion about a brand, it’s quick and to-the-point.

Providing customer service on social channels, allows your brand to have meaningful conversations with your customers. Meaning that positive interactions are a huge advantage for any business.

Social channels are the perfect place to provide valuable information and show that you’re there to help. 

Still not convinced? According to LyfeMarketing, 71% of consumers with a positive interaction with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to family and friends. 

These are just a few of the benefits of social media for businesses. Do you have your social media strategy in place? We may have some ideas of how to do it

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