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What makes a brand’s holiday plan successful? 4 step guide

marketing strategy

Christmas is just around the corner. The first thing that comes to mind is…It’s December already?! Second: is your brand’s marketing strategy enough to reach your goals?

Well, maybe not the second thing you think about, but it should come up eventually. We give you a 4 step guide for a successful holiday marketing plan for this season, do you check all the boxes? Let’s find out:   

Combine Social media ads with engaging content

Combining Social Media ads with engaging content, is a great way to make users interact with your brand. Exclusively promotional ads and content it’s not such a good idea especially for this season, where your audience is craving for something more emotional.  

Generating sales is all about finding and establishing a positive relationship with the right customers. You need to keep in mind 2 important things if you want to be part of consumers holiday list this year: appeal to their emotions and create a great offer

Need help setting up your ads? Read this article or talk to our team. 

Give your audience what they want and need!

So the first thing to do to nail a good marketing strategy is to analyze your audience. Defining your target audience is one of the most important things: Who will be interested in your content or special offers? What are their interests? Where are they?

You have to catch their attention with something THEY want and/or need, this is the secret to create content that your audience will respond to and a successful marketing strategy To get to know your audience you’ll need data like social media stats, Google Analytics, and other tools that allow you to understand your audience’s actions and preferences, like Google trends. 

marketing strategy

You’ll need a good offer but an even better plan 

The holidays have that magical glow that consumers love, so hard-selling them Christmas offers is not the path you want to follow. 

Even if you have a Christmas product, you’ll need the most important thing: a good story. For example, a big brand like Coca Cola usually captures its audience’s hearts and minds with storytelling videos. This kind of idea may not drive direct sales, but it will drive brand loyalty and engagement.

There is no strategy without a good plan

Creating a solid marketing strategy is super important, but it’s crucial to have a plan to support it!  You can have great ideas for your holiday communication but without a plan, there is no good strategy. Let’s start establishing your plan with some main topics: 

Define your target audience: who will be interested in your content or special offers? Once you have your target audience defined, you’ll know what kind of content to create.

Do some market research: find out what your competitors are doing, what works, what doesn’t work, and what can you do to be one step ahead!

Choose your communication channels wisely: first, you need to ask yourself “where is my audience?” and then choose your channels based on that. It’s also important to understand what channels the type of content your planning will bring the best results.

Make a list (and check it twice) of your ideas for this season’s communications and share it with your team, talk about It and see how you can include them in your marketing strategy.

Finally, you need to prepare your content calendar, this is crucial to visualize what your content strategy will look like over a period of time and stay organized. On your content calendar, you should include the date and hour of publishing, the theme of your posts, format, copy and image idea, and the status of each post.

Now that you are all set up for this season, our team wishes you happy holidays and a really great 2021!

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