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How our working space affects our creativity and productivity

Brief Creatives Office

Creativity and productivity levels are influenced, every day, by factors that you cannot always control.
However, some strategies can be adopted to manage some of these factors, so that they can play in your favor.

At a time of systematic changes and with the overwhelming pace of information we are all exposed to, it’s very difficult to stay focused, control behavior and ensure creative and productive levels, especially at work.

Have you heard the expression “Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe?

We’ve rephrased that sentence at Brief ??

Show me the office where you work, and I’ll tell you how your job is

Desk at Brief Creatives Office

It’s known that one of the factors that most impacts our behavior is the physical environments in which we are involved.

Think about how you feel when you’re in a windowless interior space, completely disorganized….
Now imagine working in that same space every day! Bingo!

In addition to the exhaustion of working lots of hours, as well as the tasks performed, there’s a redoubled effort of your eyes that are systematic exposed to artificial lights, as well as your brain, which spends a lot of energy trying to concentrate in a disorganized and unstimulating environment. This malaise roller coaster can even lead to peaks of stress or to a spiral of disinterest and inefficiency.

A 2015 study led by the psychologist Sir Cary Cooper entitled “The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace” demonstrates the benefits of integrating natural elements, such as plants and natural light, into workplaces. 15% of the respondents sample reported better levels of well-being when offices meet these guidelines, in addition to feeling 6% more productive and 15% more creative.

These values don’t just apply to jobs at creative agencies, like Social Media Management or Website development, for example! Even more scientific areas benefit from these changes.

Basically, we just want positive vibes in the place we spend almost 50% of our daily time!
How can we think outside the box if we feel inside the box all the time?

There’s an increasing interest in offices that do not comply with such traditional standards and designs. One of the best examples of this is Google. The employees satisfaction and happiness is transformed into productivity, which is one of the main company objectives.

Also based on the “Workplace Wellness Trend”, a survey conducted by the office accessories and technology company Fellowes, 93% of technology industry workers claimed to stay longer in companies that offered “healthier” working conditions, such as ergonomic seats, restrooms, etc.

How can you make your home workspace more conducive to creativity and productivity?

Staff playing mini golf at Brief Creatives Office

Due to the pandemic, we were forced to adapt to hybrid work models, or even totally remote ones, in which we had to create new routines, set up workplaces at home and define boundaries between the personal and professional spheres.

The key to all this? Organization.


Keep the desk tidy

Although some clutter can stimulate creativity, it has been proven that also negatively affects focus on tasks, overwhelming the senses and the ability to process information, affecting productivity.

The time we waste finding information among papers, or the lost pen that should be in a specific place, take us days of work in a year!

Strategize and adopt organization methods, like keeping papers in covers, throwing away what is no longer needed and putting everything in the same place as before, after using.

Light and space color 

Natural light reduces dry eyes and headaches by up to 63%. 

Who has never finished a work day without headaches?

The use of natural light, as we’ve seen earlier in this article, boosts levels of creativity and productivity. These levels increase whenever the workspace is located next to a window, preferably without direct sunlight.

Room color can also significantly affect your mood, with cool colors being calming while warm colors are stimulating.

Background sound

Are you a fan of music while working or not?

There’s always a solution!
You can search for specific playlists to work with, or get some noise-canceling phones, so it can be just you and your thoughts.

At the office we believe that a smooth background music, preferably instrumental, at the right volume, it’s good to create ambience, then anyone can use personal headphones to create their own mood.   

Do you want to try something else?
Have you heard about the benefits of white noise? Try it!

The chair

Who knew that a simple chair could increase productivity!

By choosing ergonomic, comfortable and good quality equipment, you are significantly reducing the risk of injuries caused by bad posture, balancing energy levels during the day, avoiding postural fatigue and reducing errors due to lack of attention that this can cause…

If the company offers a budget for the purchase of that equipment? Better. Furthermore, it demonstrates the care, appreciation and affective connection that the company maintains with employees.

Good design is an investment! 

Split workspace

Being at the desk 8 hours a day belongs to the past… Even more for creative agencies!

In order to stimulate creative capacity, take the opportunity to experiment working in different office or house areas, depending on the task importance.

Brainstorming or research can be carried out on the living room sofa, or even on the kitchen counter. 

Work can be fun!

Another tip is to invest in a desk that can be lifted, so you avoid passing the whole day sit. 

Room temperature

Maintain a cool room temperature that makes you comfortable. 

Low or high temperatures influence performance, due to the bodily discomfort felt and increasing the error rate.


Plants not only purify the air! 

They also help reduce stress in anxiety peaks.

We are fans of them at Brief and they make us feel more grounded with nature.

You should consider hiring several of them to work with you!

Brief Creative Office Plants that stimulate our levels of creativity and productivity

We’re proud to have an awesome workplace and maybe, just maybe, that’s one of the reasons some say we’re one of the top digital agencies around. That’s what they say at least.

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